pire mard

About US

According to bacpress, the magazine specializes in building automation and new technologies in the field of intelligence. Along with the Building Automation Magazine, the media publishes news, analysis, and commentary on the latest technologies in the field of smart technology, covering all areas.

In addition to providing the latest news and events in the field of smartening, Beckpress is also seeking to establish principles for the sustainable development of this new technology among Iranian thinkers, academics, representatives and politicians; Because the main solution to solve the problems of the modern urban system in Iran is the automation and smartening of all urban, civic, private.

Our mission

To achieve this, we have a great mission to promote the culture of a new and intelligent way for urban, biological and private issues, to create a new and path-breaking path for today’s Iranian generation. The generation that has shown that it has an open and intellectual embrace in using the latest technologies in the world.

for future

We believe that the future will be built today; So whatever is an idea today will be an undeniable fact in the future. That is why no idea is small for us and no possibility is far away for us. The future is before our eyes, right here and today.