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Energy Systems And Green Energy Production

Across the world, intelligent energy systems (coupling major energy sectors like electricity, thermal and transportation) are considered as a key solution to promote clean energy, improve efficiency and costs.

Intelligence across systems is a strict requirement to transform the system planning and energy strategies for environmental friendly and sustainable future. However, there are only few smart energy installations or real-time systems that allow to experience the challenges and develop the required standards for the business.

In order to realize the energy balance and economic benefits in a system with high penetration of renewables, increasing demand, flexible loads, increased transmission capacity, international trading and new actors, a close synergy between energy vectors is foreseeable. The main aspects of such intelligent energy systems are the ICT infrastructure, energy networks and systems itself.

The research and development activities in this area need to account for actual control and communication layers upon a realistic model of the energy networks and systems, which requires scientific expertise as well as highly specialized hardware and software.



Opal-RT based Real Time Digital Simulator for large power grids and other energy networks. The discrete simulator can host models for detailed power electronic converters as well as large power grids both EMT (up to 2000 electrical nodes) and RMS (up to 5000 three-phase buses) including detailed or aggregated generation and consumption units. A four quadrant grid simulator is coupling the Real-Time Digital Simulator with physical components e.g. PV panel emulator and Li-Ion battery connected through a dual DC port inverter to grid, flexible three-phase loads for emulation of household consumption and a large renewable based dispersed generator. Development and testing of advanced grid monitoring solutions is available using dedicated industrial solutions.


Dedicated hardware and software is used to emulate networks (xDSL, RF, GPRS, 3G, LTE, etc.) including stochastic modelling of data traffic and trace based data traffic generation. Data collection mechanisms for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, RTUs and other types of measurement sources are virtually emulated or implemented using off-the-shelf solutions .Every device in the setup is synchronized with NTP to a dedicated GPS synchronized device, achieving time synch in the order of few milliseconds.

Source : justenergyone.com

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