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Learn more About Google Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock is essentially an upgraded password manager. It allows you to access your devices much faster when you are in situations where security is not that important. If you are at home, you might not want to have to enter your passcode every time you pick up your phone.

There are various ways that Google Smart Lock can do this, and we will outline them here.

On-body Detection:

Provided you have already entered your pin or passcode once before putting it back in your pocket or bag, Google Smart Lock will not require you to enter it again when you take it back out.

Trusted Devices:

If you choose this option, you can select Bluetooth devices to trust. This means that when your phone is connected to these devices you will not need to enter your passcode to get into it.

Trusted Places:

This option will require you to set up a location to trust. This could be your home or office, and when you are there you won’t need to enter your passcode.

Voice Match & Trusted Face:

These two options are being phased out, and are really only present on much older Android devices. However, they basically work by allowing you to set up your voice or face to be the cue to allow you to use your phone without a passcode. The voice match option won’t leave your phone fully unlocked all the time, but it will allow you to access some of your device’s features.

How to use Google Smart Lock on your Android device

Using Google Smart Lock on your Android device is easy to do, and it only requires you to have a password or other screen lock set up on your device already. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your device’s settings
  2. Go to security and location, and then choose Smart Lock
  3. Enter your passcode or other screen lock
  4. Choose either On-body Detection or Trusted Place
  5. If you chose Trusted Place, follow the on-screen instructions to set up where you want it to be

 Source : androidauthority.com

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