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What is smart technology and how will it change our lives?


So, what is smart technology? Surprisingly, pinning down a definition can be difficult. Is it connectivity with the Internet? Is it artificial intelligence? A built-in capacity to learn from the environment? Is it app driven? Or is it a combination of all those aspects?

Netlingo offers this definition of smart tech:

The term “smart” originally comes from the acronym “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology” but become widely known as “smart” because of the notion of allowing previously inanimate objects—from cars to basketballs to clothes—to talk back to us and even guide our behavior.

An article on Medium.com by Yogesh Malik defines three basic kinds of smart tech. 

  1. Smart deviceshave some automation and can be easily programmed through an intuitive user interface. Think of a smart coffeemaker that you program to make coffee at a certain time. Network connectivity is not needed.
  2. Smart connected devicesare remotely controlled or monitored via Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, wired or other means of connectivity. Examples would be a smart bulb, smart security camera, smart refrigerator or a smartphone.
  3. IoT devices are software-defined products that are a combination of product, application, analytics and the Internet/networking. They create more value than smart or connected devices. That’s because they are more scalable, upgradable, automated and future ready. Think of smart cities, smart factories and smart homes.
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