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A thousand of new hotspots in Moscow’s Wi-Fi network

Moscow residents and visitors linked up to the city Wi-Fi network more than 130 million times in 2020. The most popular sites for connecting to the city network were at Manezhnaya, Pushkinskaya, Arbatskaya, Khitrovskaya and Tverskaya Zastava squares, in Vozdvizhenka, Maroseika, Okhotny Ryad streets and other places in central Moscow.

Free Wi-Fi is available outdoor within the Garden Ring and the Third Ring Road, in municipal agencies, parks and student dormitories.

“People linked up to the city Wi-Fi network this year almost eight million times more often than in 2019. This is largely attributed to a broadening of the area of the city with Wi-Fi availability and the appearance of new hotspots: over a thousand new Wi-Fi access points became available in the city’s public areas. The linkup peak was in the summer; and during the year people used about 15 million Gigabytes of traffic, which is comparable to downloading approximately 7.4 million movies,” said Alexander Kharitonov, Head of the City Wi-Fi product of the Moscow Information Technology Department.

How Wi-Fi changed over a year

More than a thousand new hotspots appeared in Moscow in 2020: over 400 within the Garden Ring and the Third Ring Road, and others at the renovated Northern River Station, in the three dormitory buildings of the Russian Medical Academy of ongoing professional training as well as in community centres and other municipal agencies.

This year the throughput capacity of communication channels was doubled in the dormitories of 23 universities, including the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, the Russian University of Transport, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Moscow State Technological University STANKIN and others. As a result, the speed of the wireless network has increased, which is especially relevant for distance learning.

The signal power and the capacity of the wireless internet connection have also been increased in Fili Park and Wi-Fi signal has been restored at Yekaterinisky Park. The mos.ru will show you where Wi-Fi access is available – just zoom in the park or street you want. The work on expanding the city Wi-Fi network continues. The total number of access points will exceed 20,500 by early 2021.

Wi-Fi today

You can use Wi-Fi outdoor: there are over 3,500 hotspots within the Garden Ring and locally within the Third Ring Road. It is also possible to connect to Wi-Fi in institutions of culture and arts, which have 3,900 hotspots, and in 42 Moscow parks. The city network covers 162 dormitory buildings of 32 universities, where the total number of access points is more than 11,600.

The shared Moscow Wi-Fi space appeared with the establishment of a single network operator. It makes it possible to switch from hotspot to hotspot without repeat authorisation while you move across the city. People in Moscow have used the city wireless internet over 250 million times since the system was launched.

How to linkup to Wi-Fi

To linkup to the free city internet choose Moscow_WiFi_Free in the list of available networks, open the browser and go through the identification process using your mos.ru account or telephone number, via which you will receive an SMS with the code. Then sign in by clicking the Enter the Internet button. The identification procedure has to be repeated every three months. Identification for getting Wi-Fi access in public places is required under Russian law.

For reference:

The Department of Information Technologies of Moscow (DIT) has been rapidly developing and actively growing for the past 5 years. During these years we have created over a thousand systems and services and we are pursuing the target of launching around 300 new projects annually. Today, we are proud of having digitalized over 166 state services, this is obviously more than any other region of Russia. Moreover, within the last years we have created an outstanding number of 178 portals, including the official Mayor and Government of Moscow web-site “mos.ru”. Our systems cover over 60 industries and penetrate into each aspect of

Moscow citizens’ everyday lives, our products and services include:

  • Electronic queue for Civil registry office;
  • Arrangement of remote medical appointments;
  • Personal electronic medical records;
  • Children assignment to kindergardens/schools/extracurricular activities;
  • Providing schools with cutting edge technological equipment;
  • Obtaining references, enquiries and services remotely;
  • Numerous projects in housing and public amenities, starting from telemetrics and
  • Energetics to the possibility of submitting water usage information.

Current structure of the Department distinguishes up to 30 unique products and programs, including medical and education systems informatization, creation of crowdsourcing platforms, development of various resources and portals for Moscow and its citizens. We are aimed at continuing the process of effective informatization of the city with an emphasis on innovation development and advanced technologies application.

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