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How many categories are renewable energies divided into?

1 – Solar Energy

This type of renewable energy comes directly from the capture of solar radiation. Here, the solar radiation is absorbed by specific sensors and rebroadcasted following 2 possible operation modes:

  • Capturing sun rays and directly converting them into energy through photovoltaic solar panels;
  • Capturing, collecting and turning the sunlight into heat that warms up water or air.

solar energy

Examples of Solar Energy in the World

 Some of the most known sources of solar energy are:

  • The Kurnool Ultra Solar Park in India. It has a total generation capacity of 1000MW and over 4 million solar panels installed;
  • The Longyangxia Solar Park in China that has a total capacity of 850MW and covers around 25sq km.
  • The Kamuthi Solar Facility in India: it has a total capacity of 648MV and covers 10sq km.

Is Solar Energy Renewable or Nonrenewable?

Solar energy is inexhaustible in the sense that it will cease once the solar system’s star – the sun – dies. However, many people wonder if, from a perspective of human’s being able to capture and use solar energy in the long-term, whether solar energy is renewable or nonrenewable.

2 – Windpower, a Renewable Energy

Wind power is another renewable energy. Here, the wind’s kinetic energy makes turbines spin and creates a mechanical movement. Afterward, a generator transforms this mechanical energy into electricity. There are several types of wind renewable energies: onshore wind turbines, off-shore wind turbines and even floating wind turbines. But the operating principles are basically the same for all these types of wind-generated energy.

solar energy powerExamples of Wind Power in the World

Wind power continues has also been growing, In fact, it provided 4.4% of global power generation in 2017. The highest installed wind capacity belongs to China (164GW). At the same time, in the EU, wind power provides 15% or more of the energy generated in several countries such as Germany, Portugal or Lithuania. Some of the most known sources of wind power energy are:

  • The Gansu Wind Farm in China. It is still under construction and it will be able to produce 20,000MV of power by 2020;
  • The onshore Muppandal Wind Farm in India with a capacity of 1,500MW and over 3000 turbines;
  • The Alta Wind Energy Center in the U.S. with a total capacity of 1,548MW that’s expected to reach 3,000MW by 2040;
  • The Walney Extension in the UK. It has a total capacity of 659MW and it’s the world’s largest offshore farm.

3 – Hydro-Electric Power

Hydro-electric power consists in the transformation of the kinetic energy of the water (from rivers, dams, marine currents or tides)  into mechanical energy by turbines.

hydro electric powerSource : youmatter.world

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