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Mui a smart wooden panel


mui , an interactive wooden panel for peaceful digital living

BACpress : presented at CES 2019 , mui has been designed for modern living to help generate more personal time. as our homes become smarter  and technologies are more integrated into our lives, we can be more mindful readers, more creative artists, and form better families, thanks to the boundaries mui sets around our personal space. keeping our well-being and that of our families in mind, the wooden panel keeps us away from our smartphones during the time we spend with our folks.

 an intelligent interactive wooden panel
an intelligent interactive wooden panel

mui is an interactive smart wooden panel that is activated by swiping your finger across its surface. using the digital display that appears on the surface, you can talk, send and receive messages, check the news and weather. you can also control connected devices in your home, office or public spaces, like lighting, thermostats, etc. when you are done, the panel goes back to the sleeping mode and looks just like a piece of beautifully sanded wood.

to resolve the issue of a bad atmosphere at home when someone uses a phone during family time, mui keeps your consciousness for your family life, not smart devices. ‘we think the way you start your life during our digital era is becoming a very important thing,’ explains the design team. ‘we believe technology could be calm and silent at private space like home, but still smart.’

mui , an interactive wooden panel for peaceful digital living
an interactive wooden panel for peaceful digital living




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