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Nanjing Establishes the Center for Smart Future Technology

Nanjing, China, June 25, 2020 –(PR.com)– On June 19th, at the 2020 Intel Data Innovation Summit and New Product Launch, the Center for Smart Future Technology was officially unveiled. This is a program jointly engaged by Intel and the authority of Nanjing Economic & Technological Development Zone (NDZ), and several ecosystem partners. This program is also an important part of the Intel’s strategic cooperative program of “Smart Future Innovation Ecosystem.” It aims to create a forward-looking benchmark for the future development of smart city by co-building a 5G+ smart zone with innovative ecosystem.


The center for smart future technology (Nanjing) covers a total area of about 30 mu.

It has a main office building, a dining room, a community for employees, parking area and other infrastructures, providing a unique place for smart city and smart zone to introduce advanced technologies. At present, the Center has finished the functional area division, basic decoration, and early-stage smart equipment deployment. And it also testified and deployed solutions such as the 5G, multi-functional smart pole, smart office, smart conference, smart retails, smart education, smart robot, digital twin, and multimedia interaction, and so on.

Nanjing is an important gateway of Yangtze River Delta for radiating and driving the development of central and western regions of China. In 2020, in facing the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Nanjing municipal government decided to energetically implement the “four news” action, that is, new infrastructure, new consumption, new industry, and new city. The new infrastructure is most important, and while the new resources and new space are actively explored for industrial development, the government will integrate digital economy, smart city, and leading industrial development to promote industrial innovation of forms of business and models.

Innovation is on the top of Nanjing’s list.

In recent years, Nanjing has always given top priority to innovation in the implementation of new development concept and promotion of high-quality development. Today, Nanjing is deeply impressed for its innovation, which has become a trademark and common pursuit of this city. Under such circumstances, Intel worked with the government of Nanjing Economic & Technological Development Zone(NDZ) to firstly establish the center for smart future technology in the Development Zone, commonly starting the wisdom and smart application.

As Shen Jihong, the director of management committee of Nanjing Economic & Technological Development Zone said, “With the support from Intel’s leading products and solutions of hardware and software, the center for smart future technology will provide a unique implementation place, contributing to fully create ‘China’s intelligent valley.’”

The 2020 Nanjing Tech week will be held virtually on June 22nd.

With the theme of “Understand the urban innovation,” this innovation event will be made as thoughtful, emotional and effective, and make Nanjing’s unique “innovation character” felt by the rest of world. In recent years, Nanjing has kept leading “direction” of innovation and strengthening its “leading” role. Nowadays, the innovation has rooted in Nanjing and becomes a symbol of the city.

As said by Sammeer Sharma, the global GM (Cities & Transportation) for IOT Solutions at Intel, “The smart zone solutions and the advanced smart traffic system designed for Nanjing not only show the latest solution for fields such as medical, security, education and traffic, but also, in the global vision, bring Nanjing the best solutions, the latest policies and the most famous industries.”

sammeer sharma

GM of Intel China Strategic Cooperation and Innovation Business Department, Head of Intel Innovation Accelerator, Li Desheng said, “The smart future city must be based on data with things in smart connection. Therefore, it is the core of future to scrap, transfer, store, analyze and process data. With its advantage of cloud-to-end hardware and software, Intel provides proper solutions for different requirements, and insists on opening and cooperation to create innovative ecosystem, so as to create smart future with our partners.”

They believe that, through the platform of the Center for Smart Future Technology, the innovation city, Nanjing will surely gather more frontier technologies and more partners to pioneer the industrial development of smart city. And through the platform, there will be more opportunities for the leading solution suppliers of smart city and smart zone to start their business in the center, and promote themselves nationwide by using the ecological resources.

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