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Self-Driving “Robo-Taxis” Planned for the 2022 Asian Games in China

Self-driving “Robo-Taxis” are currently in design and development stages to be commercialized for deployment at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

The promising venture is a collaboration between the international self-driving vehicle technology provider DeepRoute and electric vehicle pioneers Cao Cao, a subsidiary of the Geely Technology Group.

Cao Cao will integrate DeepRoute’s new Level 4 full-stack self-driving system, including its second-generation sensing system, DeepRoute-Sense II, into its dedicated fleet of Geometry A fully electric vehicles (EVs) at the event.

“Our partnership with DeepRoute reinforces our shared vision of making transportation safer, connected, and accessible as we work together to develop the highest-performing and safest autonomous vehicles,” says Jinliang Liu, chairman of Cao Cao Mobility.

Robo Taxiexperience riding in autonomous Robo-Taxis

“As the chief partner of the 2022 Asian Games, we are excited to have the athletes and guests experience riding in autonomous Robo-Taxis, which will be the primary mode of transportation in the not-so-distant future.”

“It is an honor to be working alongside automotive giant Geely and Cao Cao to demonstrate our innovative self-driving technologies at the upcoming 2022 Asian Games,” says Nianqiu Liu, vice president of DeepRoute.

“Our second-generation DeepRoute-Sense system will help drive this new era of transportation forward with our comprehensive self-driving technologies integrated into one compact design for easy integration and deployment.”

The partners say that DeepRoute’s new, second-generation sensing system, DeepRoute-Sense II, will transform Cao Cao fleet of electric vehicles into Robo-Taxis with advanced self-driving capabilities.

DeepRoute’s comprehensive system provides vehicles with every component needed for Level 4 self-driving technology – including sensing, HD mapping, perception, planning and control, a simulation system, and cloud technology.

The slim, water-resistant roof-box design for DeepRoute-Sense houses seven DeepRoute-Vision vehicle cameras, three lidar sensors, a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) with two GPS antennas, and other advanced sensors.

The system also integrates a telecommunication and data synchronization controller to accurately synchronize data from the different sensors in real-time.

Autonomous robo-taxis planned for Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games

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