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Smart Air Quality Monitoring

The rapid expansion of our cities leads to more opportunities and economic growth but it can also lead to greater demand and overutilization of available and essential resources. Cities are not only the main cause but also the main victims of increased and intensified emissions such as exhaust gases and particulate matter from the burning of fossil fuels. The yearly consequential costs of air pollution in the EU about transportation amounts to around €66.7 billion per year. Hourly measurement of fine particles (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and gases like NO₂, O₃ and CO₂ are required to understand the distribution, volumes and changes of the pollutants and identify any hot-spots.

Without this continuous monitoring, you cannot implement measures and changes that determines their immediate impact on improving air quality. Our solutions use flexible air quality monitoring stations to determine the hourly average values of the pollutants as specified in the EU Air Quality Index. Reliable and comparable measured values of air quality are just as important for cities, citizens and tourists alike. Our solutions can be implemented in various and flexible locations that we can help you specify at low costs and with minimal effort. The solution also provides data and benefits for both environmental agencies and maintenance teams who look after the stations.


Better air quality

Better air quality

The challenge

Air pollution is both an ecological and a social problem that affects human health, ecosystems, wildlife and the climate. Most living things can be harmed by the quality of the air. Humans can suffer both short and long term issues ranging from breathing problems, heart and lung disease and anxiety.

animals and insects are also affected and trees cannot breathe when fine particles settle on their leaves and acid rain also causes huge problems. Polluted air has a serious impact globally on human life with over 7 million reported premature deaths associated with it. Today, the correct measurement of air quality can be complex and expensive and not enough comprehensive monitoring stations exist providing hourly data. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. Data is needed to highlight critical areas and hot-spots such as access roads, congestion, or traffic in residential areas, near schools and playgrounds. Citizens and tourists are demandinginformation.

The solution

Qualitative and flexible monitoring: Our monitoring stations send hourly average values of the critical gases and particulate matter. Know the real air quality anytime and anywhere.



Simple air quality measurements

Measuring stations collect air pollutant data according to the specifications of national and European regulations. These stations are simple to install and to maintain. The collected data is easily viewed via a web portal dashboard.

Hourly average values and additional data (weather, public transport, traffic flow, etc.) can be coupled to provide value-add information and predictions. The applications and the collected data are situated in secure Deutsche Telekom European data centers.


Comprehensive and digital measurement of air quality – anytime and anywhere

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