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Smart Transportation Systems Will Be the Central Pillar of the Smart City

As the age of the self-driving car approaches, there has been much industry discussion of the future of smart transportation systems.

Smart Transportations are already very much in use today, and smarter cities around the world are adopting IT solutions to tackle issues such as car navigation, traffic signal control systems, real time traffic monitoring and smart parking.

Demand for such solutions is strong in both developed and emerging markets, as a recent study by connected car analytics company INRIX estimated that the cost of traffic congestion in the US, UK and Germany alone totaled US$461bn in 2017.

The United Nations estimates that the global population will reach 9.8 billion people by 2050 up from 7.6 billion in 2017 and the global population living in urban areas will increase from the current level of 55% to 68% over the same period.

Furthermore some major global population centers such as Jakarta, Indonesia, Bogota, Colombia and Lagos, Nigeria lack any significant mass transit system at all.

Therefore there is a strong incentive for smart city operators to implement smart transportation systems both in emerging and developed markets.

So, What Will Be The Future?

While there is already a strong need to implement such systems today, the transportation industry itself is on the verge of massive disruption which will also create the need for more robust smart transportation systems.

Recently the CEO of the Renault Nissan Alliance said that he expects autonomous cars to be widespread within six years, with lane changing capability and hazard navigation coming in 2018 and complex city driving possible by 2020.

For this transformation to truly happen there will also need to be a strong increase in the IT capabilities of smart transportation systems. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT sensors and vehicles that are able to communicate with each other, drivers and things like road infrastructure (known as V2X ”Vehicle to X(everything)” communications capabilities) will all need to be increasingly relied on for smart transportation systems to reach their full potential.

Source : www.nec.com

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