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Smart cities around the world are prioritizing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to develop connected public transport use cases, according to a recent report by market insights firm IoT Analytics.

The report, titled “Smart City Use Cases & Technology Adoption Report 2020” explains that connected public transport topped the list at a 74% implementation rate, after studying the initiatives of some of the world’s smartest cities such as London, Beijing, Berlin, Barcelona, and Dubai.

The study shows that the majority of smart cities around the world have adopted smart systems that provide their citizens with technology so they can commute easier, faster, and more reliably with public transport.

According to the 134-page comprehensive report, “Connected public transport” is the top IoT use case for smart cities, followed by traffic monitoring, and water level monitoring.

Cities are increasingly relying on IoT technology to become “smart”, as it helps them curb inefficiencies, fight rising pollution levels, and lift the quality of life of their citizens.

In addition, cities are also looking to smart tech to help address problems that are and will continue to impede the quality of life of its citizens. These include increasing operational efficiency and improving decision making in the short term while addressing long term challenges of sustainability and pollution in ever-growing cities.

The study provides quantitative data to support cities as well as their technology vendors in decision-making on their IoT initiatives, provides technology/implementation trends, and a view on leading vendors.


The top 10 Smart City use cases that are being prioritized now

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