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The peak of twenty-first century wonders with smart ink


In a bid to minimize smartphone distraction, melbourne-based studio typified has created a smart weather poster1 that updates throughout the day. The silk screen printed poster uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing forecasts . smart poster uses ‘ smart ink ‘ to illustrate the day’s changing forecasts

BACpress, Smart ink defines any ink that has been engineered at a chemical level to change colour in response to a certain stimulus. This technology allows for a tiny computer to interface with the smart ink, in this case changing according to the weather information it receives. As the weather forecast changes, so does the ink on the paper.

smart ink
smart poster with smart ink

The poster simply plugs in and connects to your WI-FI before showing you the weather at four different points throughout the day – 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. it displays 1 day’s weather forecast at a time using a criteria based on how someone would dress according to various weather patterns. These different weather types are grouped into 1 of 3 symbols: rainy, cloudy or sunny.

The idea of designing this poster with smart ink

‘The original idea of an updating weather poster came at my parents house, in the UK‘, typified‘s2 owner and designer oli woods explains. ‘We were all in the kitchen, chatting and enjoying the company when the topic of ‘the weather’ came up. Seconds later, we were all on our phones, and the moment had gone. It had been replaced with us all concentrating on our little screens, our attention had shifted from the real word to our screens and then stayed there.‘

‘The walls seemed the most accessible place to keep this ever-changing stream of information. But, from something less intrusive and stimulating than a screen. A nicely printed poster or a piece of art which could change and update seemed like a good alternative.’

Design details and pieces used in this smart poster

The electronic circuitry used in the poster is made via modern PCB manufacture and pick and place machines. The micro computer is sourced from a northern american IOT company. The frame is made from american oak with a glass pane with the back plate vacuum formed and additional internal components are CNC machined.

smart poster
smart poster

Typified says the poster will be available in an exclusive run of 500, a comment on the mass production of screens which are produced in millions of units. The team will then use that poster to inspire the next design, taking the pressure off the design team and minimising the impact and waste, problems inherent in production. the first poster is available to pre-order from kickstarter with the studio planning to have 5 varying designs in each series that follows, before changing the visual theme entirely.


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