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Technology giant IBM recently launched a chemistry laboratory called RoboRXN, entirely in the clouds, to facilitate scientific research and reduce production time for new drugs.

The system combines artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and robots to help scientists run chemistry experiments with as little human intervention as possible. It also allows scientists to design and produce new molecules remotely.

IBM started working on the project three years ago, by developing RXN for Chemistry, an online AI service that helps scientists predict results of chemical reactions.

It uses a machine-learning algorithm, converting reagents and reactants into products. In addition, prediction accuracy increases as it is fed with more data.

Based on the same approach, RoboRXN is able to provide general guidelines for chemical procedures, as well as the correct steps for each procedure.

According to IBM, the challenge was to design “an algorithm that specifically extracts the synthesis information for organic chemistry and converts it into a structured and automation-friendly format.”

The company hopes that RoboRXN may dramatically pace up that course of by predicting the recipes for compounds and automating experiments, MIT Technology Review reported.

It might as well decrease the prices of drug improvement and permit scientists to react quicker to wellbeing crises like the present pandemic, during which social distancing necessities have induced slowdowns in lab work.


RoboRXN: IBM’s drug-making lab powered by AI and cloud technology

IBM has built a new drug-making lab entirely in the cloud

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