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Utilizing the cloud to power the transportation system

Cloud computing will be at the core of smart transportation systems, as local governments and other authorities will need real time information in order to make fast and accurate decisions involving transportation networks.

The city of Lisbon, Portugal recently contracted NEC to provide its Cloud City Operation Center as part of the city’s Municipal Government Services Integrated Operation Center.

This system will allow several government bodies in Lisbon to receive and visualize real time information about several city conditions via IoT sensors.

As a result local authorities will be able to visualize conditions like traffic jams and illegal parking in real time and will be able to take corrective action. Going forward NEC’s AI solution will also be integrated into the system in order to enhance the autonomy and efficiency of the system.

Most of today’s smart transportation systems are still hardware based, which does not allow real-time communication of conditions, but once self driving cars become mainstream, cloud computing will be a mandatory requirement for smart transportation systems, and the city of Lisbon is ahead of the curve in this respect.

smart transportationPreparing for the Age of Self-Driving Cars in Toronto, Canada

The city of Toronto, Canada has recently embarked on its aggressive vision of a smart city for a planned Quayside smart community along its waterfront.

The overall project is an ambitious attempt to create a data driven city powered by several technologies, and smart transportation is a key feature of the project.

Within the initial 12 acre district, private vehicles will be completely banned. All on-road vehicles will be autonomous and goods will be delivered via freight robots operating in underground tunnels.

IoT sensors installed in sidewalks will monitor pedestrian traffic and ensure real time safety when crossing roads. Cameras using AI will guide traffic flow as well and all information is planned to be communicated with pedestrians using an app.

This smart city deployment presents a vision of the future where there are no private vehicles, and hence the city is totally dependent on a smart transportation in order for the city to run. As such extremely robust networks and IT services will be absolutely critical in order for this system to work and at the same time offers a vision of what smart transportation systems will look like in 10 years.

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